Tuesday, August 25, 2009

who is this?

I don't blog much to here - I'm usually on Facebook or Flickr, if I'm doing something "social" on the computer. But I've been following some very funny website/blogs recently, and one of them is now following me here. She mentioned that we have different political points of view and we'll have some interesting discussions on that - I did warn her that I mainly use this blog to rant and complain and kinda mutter under my breath at the world - but, then I wondered ... who do people see me as?

One thing very weird about Facebook, MySpace, etc., is that you reunite with people you may not have seen in years - old boyfriends, elementary school pals, girls you knew in junior high that never talked to you in high school - that type of stuff. And your friends from work, which in my case involves former students. I don't add students if they're still in my class (for one thing, I think 5th grade is too young for Facebook) but when they're in middle school, it's cool. So, I watch my language and try not to air my more-left-wing thoughts too much.

But if they knew who I really am now, in late August of 2009, would they still want to Friend me? I hope so, because while I don't really stay up nights worrying about what other people think of me (never have,) I like having a wide variety of friends and don't want to scare any one off.

I'm going to try a list of me ... something I did way back in Psych 101 at CSULB:
1. female
2. wife (25 years)
3. mother (daughter turns 21 on 9/9; son is 19)
4. daughter (for 48 years!)
5. sister (youngest of 4, three brothers)
6. teacher (5th grade)
7. AFS American Abroad Returnee (to Asunción, Paraguay in 1979)
8. Master's Degree in Education
9. ESL endorsed
10. no reproductive organs (woohoo - full hysterectomy last Oct!)
11. one chihuahua
12. weird
13. raised United Methodist
14. still dealing with the fact that I'm pretty much atheist now ...
15. Democrat - always have been, always will be
16. Obama fan
17. still get crushes on male actors (Antonio Banderas is mine!)
18. nerd/geek - Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel; Doctor Who; Top Gear
19. Pisces - though, of course, astrology is, to quote Penn & Teller: BULLSHIT
20. insomniac
21. depression & anxiety
22. immensely proud of my children
23. still terrified that the world is going to hurt them & I can't protect them
24. reader
25. wanna-be writer

- there, that's 25. Let's see how that goes.

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